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Killjoy..... I learned early in life there were individuals that just strive to be in the Best slot and the only way to describe Better than the best....KILLJOYS. You might take that the wrong way but consider this. If you walk into the meeting with your fabulous product, skate into the park or ballroom to dance and you are excellent at whatever it is you do best, there is someone there that just blows you away without you even stepping up to show what you have.....The Killjoy strikes again! You have to give them props!






I have been a Southwest Air fan since 1998/1999 flying to busines and vacation destinations across the country. It would be a rare situation that I have been anything less than happy and excited when I arrive at my destinations. Entering the Jetway on the way to the cabin to leave for work or play the atmosphere the flight crews keep in the jets before, during and after the flights are most times, even the canned conversations or monologs pre and post flight, as memorable as the sky I see outside of the window. On one occassion flying back from West Palm Beach Florida we saw the Space Shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral. The captain came over the intercom and pointed out the takeoff as it was happening. The passengers shared a moment that would probably never be repeated for any of us. It just happened to be on Southwest Air! I'm always looking for transport from one place to another with eaze and as much fun as possible and Southwest makes that happen on virtually every trip I take!







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